Friday, 27 June 2008

Half Asian and wanna be Asian....


Anonymous said...

Nawwwwww! Yay!
looks like fun! I wish i was there!
2/3 is good enough!

Anonymous said...

Hey..I'm from the Caribbean..if not for your GOTW victory there is no random way that i could have possbly come across ur blog i think..first of ur blog..u all r 15 years old wit an extraordinary talent to capture a reader's attention...with that person completely unaware that they wanted their attention captured in the first you inform a person without that person being aware that they were lackin some great information...I don't kno if I'm bein clear..I'm a uni student studyin business..a far cry from the arts.. besides uni, I went to a top notch secondary school in my country, and believe you me, I have never read an article, colunm or blog so well written by any of my countrymen, regardless of age....second, and the header or tag line, whatever you call it..We're just three socially retarded teens suffering a quarter life it! :) Actually, I think you're blog will make sure you NEVER suffer a quarter life might b close to one though..I wish I'd have found my niche in this world as early as you 25th bday is around the corner..and I have only just BEGAN to realise my purpose in life...n ways I'm out...chicks..I'd have never even bother to leave a comment if it were not for that line...hahaha!

Tørlich said...

Girls, you're way cute and beautiful.
And Bianca .. you remind me of someone. Can't really put my finger on it, but someone ..

Melbourne Style Scouts said...

Hi Angela( here!
I would like to thank anon up there for writing that ever so nice comment!

Should we upload me and bianca's vlog? or just leave that in our different blogs?

rachel said...


hahahaha :P

you guys are cooool~

your group reminds me of my group!- cept it's asian, asian and wannabe asian-- hahahaha
[we stick like rice :D]

tap back!

p.s. you guys are soo lucky to live in a fashionable city! im stuck in boring brisbane = =

Lisa (MelbStyleScouts) said...

Thanks for your comment Rachel, it made me laugh! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous

Bianca said...

Hahahaha thanks you guys. :)